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NFL ,message boards for all 32 teams

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Posted 09 March 2008 - 10:39 AM

I thought this would be useful.

Miscellaneous NFL Links

AFC East

Buffalo Bills
http://www.stadiumwall.com/ - Click The Stadium Wall
http://www.billszone.com/fanzone/ - Click Buffalo Bills Zone

Miami Dolphins
http://www.finheaven.com/boardvb2/ – Click Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots
http://www.patsfans....s/messageboard/ - Click PatsFans.com - New England Patriots Fan Forum
http://www.patriotsp...om/BB/index.php? - Click Three Ring Circus - Patriots Tailgate

New York Jets
http://www.jetsinsider.com/forums/ - Click Jets Insider.com Landing Strip
http://forums.theganggreen.com/ - Click New York Jets
http://nflfans.com/jetstalk/forum.php - Click Jets Addicts

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens
http://www.ravensnests.com/forum/ – Click General Ravens Talk

Cincinnati Bengals
http://forum.go-bengals.com/ - Click THE BENGALS FORUM - Registration required to see images
http://forums.bengalszone.com/ - Click Cincinnati Bengals
http://boards.bengals.com - Click Jungle Noise
http://mb2.theinside...bbengalsinsider - Click Bengals Insider

Cleveland Browns
http://www.dawgtalke...s.php?Cat=0&C=1 - Click Dawg Talkers Pure Football

Pittsburgh Steelers
http://forums.steelersfever.com/ - Click Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South

Houston Texans
http://forums.houstontexans.com/ - Click The Bullpen
http://www.texanstal.../forums/YaBB.pl - Click Houston Texans General Conversation
http://boards.housto...ans.com/forums/ - Click The Bull Pen

Indianapolis Colts
http://www.coltfreaks.com/forum/ - Click Indianapolis Colts
http://forum.colts.com/index.php - Click Colts Football
http://mb27.scout.com/bcolts - Click The ColtPower Fan Forum
http://www.indystar.com/forums/ - Click Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars
http://mb.jaguars.com/ - Click The Jaguars

Tennessee Titans
http://forums.titansonline.com/forums/ - Click The Titans
http://www.gotitans.com/goForum/ - Click Titans & NFL Talk

AFC West

Denver Broncos
http://forums.denverbroncos.com/ - Click General Discussions
http://www.orangemane.com/BB/ - Registration Required
http://www.broncosfreak.com/forum/ - Click Broncos Discussion

Kansas City Chiefs
http://www.chiefspla...om/BB/index.php - Click The Lounge
http://www.chiefscoa...dex.php?act=idx - Click CHIEFS Talk ONLY!
http://forums.wildbillschiefs.com/ - Click Kansas City Chiefs BBS
http://www.nepachiefs.com/hardcore/ - Registration Required

Oakland Raiders
http://www.raiderfans.net/forum/ - Click Oakland Raiders Forum - Message Board
http://www.raiderforum.net/ - Click Raider Gridiron
http://www.raiderskickass.com/ - Click THE BLACK HOLE
http://www.fansinblack.com/x/ - Click HomePort: Safe Harbor on the Seven Cyberseas

San Diego Chargers
http://forums.chargers.com/ - Click Chargers Talk
http://forum.signons....isplay.php?f=8 - Click Chargers
http://mb1.theinside...bchargersupdate - Click San Diego Chargers
http://www.glorifyth...orums/index.php? - Click San Diego Chargers and NFL Discussion

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys
http://www.dallascow...orums/index.php - Click Texas Stadium
http://www.cowboysboard.com/ - Click Forum, Click Dallas Cowboys Discussion
http://cowboyszone.com/forums/ - Click Fan Zone Forum

Philadelphia Eagles
http://www.philaphan...orums/index.php – Click Eagles Endzone
http://www.concretef...forum/index.php - Click Eagles Talk
http://boards.philadelphiaeagles.com/ - Registration Required
http://www.700level....ew/default.aspx - Click Nose Bleeds

New York Giants
http://boards.giants.com/forums - Click Talk About Giants Football!
http://www.sportswrath.com/ - Click New York Giants
http://mb8.scout.com/fgiantsfansfrm1 - Click BBWC Fan Forum

Washington Redskins
http://www.thehogs.net/forum/ - Click Hog Wash - Washington Redskins Football
http://www.extremesk...orums/index.php - Click The Stadium
http://www.thewarpath.net/forum.php - Click Locker Room
http://hailredskins....forum/index.php? - Click the Cherokee Redskins Tribe

NFC North

Chicago Bears
http://boards.chicag...om/forums/Click Bears Football
http://www.webwaymonsters.com/phpBB2/ - Click Monsterchat
http://www.dabearz.com/forums - Click Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions
http://mb14.scout.com/blionsfans – Click THE DEN - www.lionstalk.com
http://www.thelionsfanatics.com - Locate Message Board link, boards were down when this was updated.
http://www.lions-fans.com - Click Detroit Lions Football

Green Bay Packers
http://mb16.scout.com/bpackersfans - Click Packer Report Fan Talk
http://timesfour.com/eve - Click Green Bay Packers
http://packerrats.co...tchat/index.php - Click Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings
http://mb30.scout.com/bvikingupdate - Click on Purple Thoughts
http://www.purplepride.org/forums/ - Click Vikings Fan Forum

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons
http://boards.atlant...com/?action=106 - Click Talk About the Falcons
http://www.falconsroost.com/forums/ - Click The Program
http://z15.invisionf...Loyal/index.php? - Click The Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers
http://www.panthersfanz.com/forums/ - Click CAROLINA PANTHERS FAN TALK
http://www.panthershuddle.com/forum/ - Click Carolina Panthers
http://www.panthersplanet.net/ - Click Panthers Mania
http://www.thisboardrocks.com/forum/ - Click Carolina Panthers
http://pantherspride.com/phpBB2/ - Click Panthers Football
http://mb14.scout.com/bpanthersinsider - Click Panther Nation

New Orleans Saints
http://saintsreport.com/forums/ - Click SSF
http://www.saintsrev....p?showforum=17 - Click Saint It Ain't So!
http://www.blackandgold.com/forums/ - Click New Orleans Saints
http://whodatzone.com/forum/ - Registration Required

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
http://bbs.buccaneers.com/ - Click Team Discussions
http://www.pewterreport.com/forum/ – Click The Red Board
http://pub123.ezboar...m/btheothertbbb - Click Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
http://thecaptainsde...hp?action=forum - Click The Black Pearl

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals
http://forums.azcardinals.com/ - Click Cardinals Football
http://www.arizonasp...vb/index.php?s= - Click Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers
http://forums.49ers....isplay.php?f=19 – Click The Red Zone

Seattle Seahawks
http://mb14.scout.com/bseahawksinsider – Click The Official Net Nation Fan Forum
http://www.seahawksal.com/forum/ - Click Fan Forum
http://www.seahawkblue.com/ - Registration Required

St. Louis Rams
http://mb2.theinside...ramsinsider4257 - Click PURE St. Louis Rams Talk
http://www.clanram.com/forums/ – Click Ram Talk
http://realramsfans.com/index.php - Click Rams Discussion

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Posted 10 November 2008 - 06:22 AM

sweet going red

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 06:04 PM

Hey, thanks for these links. Now I can keep up to date with the latest events on the Saints as well. I find the Saints to be a great team but it sucks when they do terrible in a game to be honest. I will watch them all the time and I hate it when somebody gets an injury though.

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 08:52 AM

i have been on jetsinsider since 2005.........awesome site

I am commish of a fbb sim league 




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